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What are the types of tooling fixtures?

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Tooling fixtures are also called drilling dies. They are used to process holes and threads. They are mainly composed of drill sleeves, drill templates, positioning and clamping devices. Today, Pofi tooling fixture manufacturers will introduce to you the types and main types of tooling fixtures. There are the following:

1. Fixed drilling jig: in the process of use, the position of this kind of drilling jig on the machine tool is fixed, and the processing accuracy is relatively high. It is mainly used for vertical drilling machines to process single holes or rocker arms with larger diameters. The drilling machine processes parallel holes.

2. Rotary drill mold: This type of drill mold has an indexing device, so a number of axial or radial holes distributed around the axis can be machined on the workpiece.

3. Flip-type drilling jig: mainly used to process holes on different surfaces of small workpieces, the aperture is less than f8-f10mm, it can reduce the number of installations and improve the accuracy of the processed position. The structure is relatively simple, and the processing drill mold is generally turned over manually, so the fixture and the workpiece should be less than 10kg is the best.

4. Cover type drilling mold: This type of drilling mold has no clamp concrete, and its positioning element and clamping device are directly installed on the drilling template. The drilling template is clamped on the workpiece, which is suitable for processing small holes on large and heavy workpieces. The fixture has a simple and light structure and is easy to remove chips. However, each fixture needs to be loaded and unloaded from the workpiece, which is time-consuming. Therefore, the quality of the drilling jig should not exceed 10kg.

5. Sliding column drilling jig: The sliding column drilling jig is a universal adjustable fixture with a lifting drill template. This kind of drilling jig has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, rapid action and short production cycle. It is more applied in production. widely.

The role of machine tool fixtures:

It can effectively shorten the auxiliary time and improve labor productivity.

Expand the scope of use of machine tools, reduce the requirements for the technical level of workers and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

The composition of the machine tool fixture:

Positioning element and positioning device

Clamping device

Fixture positioning and tool setting, guide elements

Folder specific

Other components and devices

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