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A cost-efficient solution for big workpiece machining with your chuck

In one day, one of my customer has a problem when his client doing machining with a big graphite. He showed me some pictures as below:
After our technical team saw these pictures, we found that is unreasonable for a big graphite mounting on a small chuck. When the CNC machine center spindle rotating, it will cause a big rotating force. Once the insert/endmill touch the workpiece, the rotating force will lead to vibration for the workpiece.  And such a big workpiece just being supported by a D100 chuck and held by a small drawbar, it obviously cannot hold the stably. That is the reason why drawbar will be broken easily.

My client wants us to help him out and he didn't want to pay much money.
Finally, My technical director came up with an idea. We can make four tiny screw jacks to support four corners of the workpiece, like below picture:
This solution can make the chuck hold workpiece more steadily when doing machining. What's important is it won't be costly. If you want it to be more safe, you can exchange D100 chuck to D150 chuck, or even D200 chuck.

The bigger the chuck surface area is, more steady the chuck can hold workpiece. You can image when supporting area is bigger, it would be better for holding up a thing. That is the reason.
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