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Top 10 jig and fixture manufacturer in China

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Top 10 jig and fixture manufacturer in China

You may be looking for some top jig and fixture manufacturers to help fasten your workpieces quickly. Here today, we will share with you the top 10 jig and fixture manufacturers in China, hope this information is helpful to you!


Pofi is a professional jig and fixture manufacturer in China. They have accumulated many precision instrument technologies and integrated the advantages of many products to improve their production design to adapt to more operating conditions, while pursuing cost savings.


Changxin mould is a professional jig and fixture company. With its good reputation, changxin company has a strong appeal and leadership in the industry. It has a number of professional machines imported from Japan, with 36 senior technicians and 43 Intermediate technical personnel, with fixture quality as the result-oriented.


As a full-service inspection jig and fixture manufacturer, Jig Fixture provides customers with high-quality fixture products, excellent service and increased competitive prices.


epowermetals will design the specific requirements of fixtures according to the processing technology of the developed parts. When designing the jig and fixture, it can also propose modification suggestions to the process to ensure the quality, efficiency, cost, and safety of the workpiece as the design requirements.


Weben focuses on the design and production of fixtures, has a wealth of professional design experience, uses various well-known international brands in the industry, and strictly controls the quality to ensure the stability of jig and fixture.


CPWS was established in 2008, specializing in the design and manufacture of precision jig and fixture, pursuing to produce the highest quality products with the lowest price and the best service, and looking forward to cooperating with users from all over the world.


Mission has passed the ISO9001 certification and has more than 50 Chinese national patents. They focus on technical personnel training and technology development. The technical personnel continue to deepen the understanding of current technology in order to manufacture more sophisticated jig and fixture products.


Advanced experienced engineers and mechanics will work with you to manufacture special jig and fixture products according to your exact specifications. As a company that complies with ISO 9001: 2000, they have always been industry leaders and will provide you with more than you Expected service.


Kingco was established in the capital of China, Beijing in 2002. Kingco focuses on rapid prototyping, jig and fixture manufacturing and mass production. As a successful test fixture manufacturer, Kingco provides the most comprehensive products, services and prices.


mahuta is a professional jig and fixturer manufacturer. It provides services for peculiarities all over the Midwest, the United States, and Canada. As a full-service CNC machining center, they can manufacture almost any size jig and fixture.



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