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The role of mechanical fixtures

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The mechanical manual fixture is essential and central to any processing process. The fixture's function in the process of mechanical operation is to grab and fix the processed product so that the product is in the exact position.

Fixtures and fixtures are manipulator-specific tools that can be used to facilitate production, machining, assembly, inspection operations, etc., when workpieces are based on interchangeability, according to which can produce each product within defined tolerances. The machining process drives fixture design and part dimensional tolerances, crucial to fixture design and part positioning, clamping, and chip management. Some robotic grippers always have chip management in mind during the design process. They are designed with excellent performance and reliable long life at the core, with accurate efficiency and low maintenance costs.

A fixture can be defined as a device used to hold and position a workpiece. The manipulator accessory fixture is usually composed of positioning elements, clamping devices, tool setting guide elements, indexing devices, connecting elements, and clamping bodies. The mechanical fixture is a general term for various tools the manipulator uses in the production and processing process. It is also an essential part of the production process.

1. The use of mechanical hand-installed fixtures

1. Mechanical hand jigs and fixtures reduce production costs as unnecessary work and tool settings are eliminated.

2. Increase production.

3. To ensure the high precision of the parts.

4. Provide interchangeability.

5. Can process heavy and complex-shaped parts by fixing them firmly on the machine.

6. Control quality and cost through calculation.

7. To a large extent, some factories can reduce skilled workers, reducing labor costs and saving labor.

8. Improve work safety, thereby reducing the accident rate.

The mechanical manual fixture is used to grab and fix the processing object in the mechanical manufacturing process to make it in the correct position. A manipulator fixture is a device that accepts construction or testing, also known as a fixture. In a broad sense, any process, the device used to install the workpiece quickly, conveniently, and safely, can be called a manipulator accessory fixture, such as welding fixtures, inspection fixtures, assembly fixtures, machine tool fixtures, etc. Machine tool fixtures are more common among them, usually referred to as fixtures.


2. Types of manual fixtures for industrial machinery

The mechanical manual fixture is developed for more efficient production. It has the advantages of convenient installation and simple programming; the robot man-machine interface presets its input/output signals, which is convenient for shortening the setup and programming time; the teach pendant graphical user interface simplifies the program test, etc.

1. Dedicated fixture: It is specially designed and manufactured for the clamping needs of a particular product part in an inevitable process. The service object is specific, highly targeted, practical and reliable, and low cost. It is suitable for a large number of automated production. Such as automatic machine tools, automatic line loading and unloading robots, and automatic tool changing robots attached to "machining centers." Generally designed by the product manufacturer. Lathe fixtures, milling machine fixtures, drilling dies, boring dies, and accompanying fixtures are commonly used.

2. Plywood clamp is an extension accessory with a plug-and-play function, suitable for high-speed code box operation. The fixture is available in two types: single-zone type and double-zone type, which can be selected as needed to improve production efficiency. For the palletizing of light products, the single-zone type with a simplified structure can meet the requirements, and for the stacking in rows weighing up to 60Kg, the dual-zone type is a suitable choice.

Mechanical manual jig

3. Vacuum suction cup fixture: also known as vacuum spreader, one of the vacuum equipment actuators. According to the principle of vacuum generation, vacuum suction cups can be divided into vacuum suction cups, airflow damaging pressure suction cups, and squeeze damaging pressure suction cups. Generally, it is more cost-effective to use vacuum suction cups to grab products. Products that require high-temperature operation can use suction cups made of rubber. There are various types of vacuum suction cups. The suction cups made of silicone rubber are very suitable for grasping products with rough surfaces; the suction cups made of polyurethane are very durable.



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