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What requirements should the clamping structure of the EROWA Holder?

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In the process of using the fixture, whether the design and selection of the fixture's clamping device is reasonable, the correctness will directly affect the processing progress of the workpiece, the surface roughness of the processed article and the processing time, thereby affecting the productivity and labor intensity. , So the structure of the clamping device must meet some basic requirements.

1. Clamping must be able to ensure accurate and reliable positioning, and can not damage the positioning.

2. The clamping force must be appropriate, and the clamping deformation of the workpiece and fixture must be within an acceptable range. The clamping device must be able to ensure that the workpiece does not loosen or vibrate during the processing, and at the same time, avoid deformation or surface damage of the workpiece.

3. The operation of the clamping device should be safe, convenient, labor-saving, with good structural technology, easy to manufacture, easy to use and maintain. In addition, the complexity of the clamping device and the degree of automation should be compatible with the production method, and the structural design needs to be simple, compact and try to use standardized components.

4. The clamping mechanism must be reliable, the manual clamping mechanism must be self-locking, the motorized clamping mechanism must have an interlock protection device, and the clamping stroke must be sufficient.

5. The complexity of the clamping machinery and the degree of automation must be compatible with the production guidelines and the factory's production equipment specifications and production conditions.

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