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introduction of CNC Pneumatic Chuck

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CNC Pneumatic Chuck is a mechanical device used to tighten the workpiece on the machine tool. It uses the radial movement of movable jaws evenly distributed on the chuck body to clamp the workpiece and position the machine tool accessories. The CNC Pneumatic Chuck is generally composed of a chuck body, a movable jaw and a jaw drive mechanism. There is a through hole in the center to facilitate the passage of workpieces or bars. The back has a cylindrical or short cone structure, directly or through a flange. The disc is connected to the end of the machine tool spindle.

Performance advantages of CNC Pneumatic Chucks:

Compared with the manual chuck, the CNC Pneumatic Chuck can automatically center and clamp the workpiece instantly by pressing the button, and the clamping force is stable and adjustable. In addition to improving work efficiency, it can also realize one person to operate multiple CNC machine tools. , Which greatly reduces the cost of human resources, and at the same time reduces the investment in fixed equipment, which is widely applicable to batch machining enterprises.

CNC Pneumatic Chuck

The whole set of CNC Pneumatic Chuck is configured with chuck, pneumatic gyrator and electronic control part. It does not need to be equipped with tie rods when installing, which changes the traditional pneumatic and hydraulic chucks with complicated structure and troublesome installation. It can be installed in about an hour. Completed, scientific research saves high installation and production costs for the majority of users, and also improves the operating efficiency of the machine tool.

CNC Pneumatic Chuck

Compared with the hydraulic cartridge, the pneumatic chuck has simple structure, low cost and failure rate, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It mainly uses air as the power source. Only one 1 cubic air pump can simultaneously operate 8-10 pneumatic chucks Moreover, there is no air leakage when the pneumatic gyrator is partially clamped and loosened, which can save the air source and reduce the use and maintenance costs of using the hydraulic chuck.

POFI CNC Pneumatic Chuck, it is compatible with EROWA, it is equivalent a chuck ER-043123 ITS Chuck 100 INOX integrated into a CNC base plate. There are two air connectors on the side of the chuck, one is used to control the opening and closing of the chuck, and the other is used to control the air passing through the holes on the upper surface of the chuck. The product requires an air pressure of 6bar and a clamping force of 10000N. It is suitable for pallet loading, electrode holder, CNC lathe milling.

CNC Pneumatic Chuck

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