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Basic knowledge of CNC machining fixture design

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Machine tool fixtures must meet the following basic requirements:

1. The machining accuracy of the workpiece must be guaranteed. The key to ensuring the machining accuracy lies in the correct selection of positioning datum, positioning method and positioning components. If necessary, positioning error analysis is also required, and attention needs to be paid to the structure of other parts in the fixture for processing The impact of accuracy, to ensure that the fixture can meet the requirements of the machining accuracy of the workpiece.

2. The complexity of the special fixture for improving production efficiency should be adapted to the production capacity, and various quick clamping mechanisms should be used as much as possible to ensure convenient operation, shorten auxiliary time, and improve production efficiency.

3. Good process performance, simple and reasonable structure requirements for special fixtures, easy to manufacture, assemble, adjust, inspect, maintain, etc.

4. The tooling and fixture with good performance should have sufficient strength and rigidity, and the operation should be simple, safe, labor-saving, and reliable. Under the premise of objective conditions and economical application, pneumatic, hydraulic and other mechanized clamping devices should be used as much as possible , To reduce the labor intensity of the operator. 

The cnc machining tooling fixture should also be convenient for chip removal. When necessary, a chip removal structure can be set to prevent chips from destroying the positioning of the workpiece and damaging the tool, and to prevent the accumulation of chips from bringing a lot of heat and causing deformation of the process system.

5. Special fixtures should use standard components and standard structures as much as possible, and strive to be simple in structure and easy to manufacture in order to reduce the manufacturing cost of fixtures. Therefore, the necessary technical and economic analysis of the fixture plan should be carried out according to the order and production capacity during the design to improve the economic benefits of the fixture in the production.

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