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Advantages and characteristics of POFI positioning fixture

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Pofi focused our research on EDM clamping system tools. We design tools to suit more working conditions and compatible with other famous band, like EROWA and System 3R.

Product attributes of POFI fixture system:

The repeat positioning accuracy of the precision fixture system is ±0.002mm. It is mainly used for electrode or workpiece processing. The clamping force can reach more than 7000N. The standard connection base plate.

Five advantages of POFI precision precision fixtures:

1. Easy to use, convenient and fast.

2. It can be tested outside the machine, which can save a lot of time.

3. Greatly improve work efficiency and product quality, thereby saving costs.

4. The electrode can be checked off the machine for modification at any time, and the accuracy will not be affected by the second machine.

5. Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.002mm.

Installation and removal:

After using the POFI fixture system, it can be quickly clamped and produced in one minute. Draw lessons from international advanced management concepts and advanced technology, develop precision positioning POFI fixture series, and strive to improve the absolute utilization rate of EDM machine tools; reduce human factors, rationally standardize operating procedures; reduce labor costs, eliminate waste of machine tools, and improve mold Quality, shorten the production cycle of molds, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.


Regular maintenance and inspection, check the positioning column, slightly bent positioning column, will accelerate the wear of the probe, but also make the test inaccurate; regularly check the sealing rubber, air leakage will reduce the suction force, increase the poor contact, preventive maintenance is appropriate For storage, find a suitable warehouse for fixtures and avoid stacking wiring or debris on it.

Filter: Add a proper filter to the vacuum PIMP to reduce excess oil mist and water vapor.

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