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Wire EDM Tooling System丨edm tooling manufacturer

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With the development and progress of society, the wire EDM Tooling system is very popular all over the world. Because of its uniqueness, it can solve the speed of mold processing and the accuracy of the product requirements, so it is loved by more and more companies.

The performance of our wire EDM Tooling system has passed the test of the clamping force tester of the national authoritative organization. All the accessories meet the national inspection standards. The structure of the chuck will not be deformed under the water pressure test of 3Mpa. All parts It is not damaged. It is mainly through the conversion of the pressure and the angle of the inclined wedge. In addition to the large clamping force, it also has a strong self-locking function, and it can still be secure when the air source is disconnected. Clamping the workpiece firmly for cutting has solved the problems of safety and reliability for our customers.

The wire EDM system adopts a fully enclosed structure, all parts are carefully selected, and the parts are kept improving, so the mating surface is dust-proof, and its unique material selection and heat treatment industry greatly exceed the manual chuck The service life, if it can be maintained properly, the service life can reach more than three years, and the factory accuracy can be maintained for a long time, and the repeated clamping accuracy is generally maintained between 0.002mm.

Features of the wire  Tooling  EDM Tooling system:

1. Effectively reduce the investment in machine tools and reduce the pre-adjustment time. The number of investment machines on the customer page is relatively reduced, and it will not affect the production efficiency in the plan, reduce investment costs, reduce personnel investment, and allocate human resources more rationally .

2. It can effectively reduce human error. The POFI line EDM fixture adopts the concept of automation and standardization to reduce human error and effectively improve productivity and production quality.

3. Increased the utilization rate of the machine tool. When the DNC processing is completed, it can be disassembled. There is no need for the number of cards on the machine tool to continue processing other tasks.

4. The maintenance is also very convenient and safe. When the mold needs to be repaired or reworked, it can be started by re-clamping, and it will not cause a wrong direction.

wire EDM tooling system

POFI EDM TOOLING SYSTEM CO.,LTD business on precision metal components in 1995. focus on Automatic Loading SystemCompatible EROWA ITS SystemCentering Plate 100 M8 ER-011599Compact ITS Adapter ER-020487EROWA Compact CombiEROWA ITS CHUCKEROWA ITS HoldersWire EDM Tooling System and so on,After 9 years of experience in precision technics and base our location in Changan, a leading town for molds and metal working industry, we focused our research on EDM clamping system tools.we have perfect customizd service and after-sales service,if have any qustions,please feel free contact us.  

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