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What is Wire EDM Tooling system?

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Wire EDM Tooling system is also known as wire cutting, its basic working principle is the use of continuous moving electrode wire, the workpiece cutting molding. It is mainly used for processing all kinds of shape scum and fine workpiece, convex film of Liu Chong cutting die, concave die. Convex and concave die, fixed plate, unloading plate, all kinds of forming micro hole groove, narrow seam, arbitrary curve, etc., it has the advantages of small machining allowance, high machining precision, short production cycle, low manufacturing cost and so on.

Depending on the running speed of wire electrode Wire EDM Tooling cutting is usually divided into two kinds, one kind is the high speed wire electrical discharge wire-cutting processing, the high speed wire electrode do reciprocating motion, wire electrode can be repeated use, processing speed quickly, but quick walk silk easy cause wire electrode dithering and reverse pause, which resulted in the reduction processing quality; The other type is vulgar Wire EDM Tooling cutting, the electrode wire is vulgar single movement, the electrode wire is no longer used after discharge, stable work, small shake, but the processing speed is slow.

According to the different form of the trajectory of opposite electrode wire, edM machine can be divided into three types:

One is that before the wire cutting, the mold with the same shape as the workpiece is manufactured in advance. During the processing, the workpiece blank and the mold are installed on the machine tool platform at the same time. During the cutting process, the electrode wire is closely attached to the edge of the mold for track movement, so as to cut the workpiece with the same shape and precision as the mold.

The other is a photoelectric tracking control, its in wire-cutting processing, according to the first part drawings according to certain proportion amplification paints a drawing of the photoelectric tracking, when the processing pattern in machine tool photoelectric tracking stage, stage photoelectric tracking head always follow the trajectory of chalk line graphics, and with the help of the electrical and mechanical linkage, control machine table along with a similar figures motion of workpiece relative wire electrode, thus cutting out and the pattern of the same shape workpiece;

Again is a digital process control, advanced digital automatic control technology, drive machine according to the processing according to the workpiece geometry parameters before good nc machining program automatically processing in advance, don't have to make shape plate no map zoom, than the previous two control forms has higher precision and wide application range.

wire edm tooling system

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