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What is the reason for enterprises to choose automatic palletizers?

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With the increasing production volume of enterprises and the increase of heavy manual labor, it has become a natural trend to replace labor with machinery. Especially in some industries, the working environment is relatively harsh. Occupational diseases affect people's health. Replacing manual labor with machinery can significantly reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases. We only look at economic benefits: a fully automatic Palletizing System can replace six workers. The realization of energy-based operation management can significantly reduce the number of laborers and reduce labor intensity.

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The components of the palletizing robot are:

1. Active control system: there is a system capable PLC and a touch screen as the center of the system; it is used to coordinate the orderly work among the various subsystems and check the system equipment's running status and alarm information.

2. Baffle device: It detects that the material reaches the grasped quantity value and blocks the material behind to convey.

3. Positioning device: Position the material transported by the conveyor belt, convenient for the robot to grasp.

4. Palletizing robot: complete the task of grabbing and palletizing materials

5. Pallet automatic lifting and conveying device: batch pallets are placed to be automatically sent to the designated position.

6. Security fence: used to isolate the robot working area and protect personal security. Can integrate palletizing robots into any production line to provide energy, robotics, and networking for production sites. They can realize palletizing logistics for various operations in the beer, beverage, and food industries and are used in cartons, plastic boxes, and bottles. Bags, barrels, film packaging products, and filling products. It is matched with a three-in-one filling line to palletize each bottle, can, and bag. The automatic operation of thePalletizing System is divided into the steps of automatic box feeding, box transfer, sorting, stacking,  shifting, loading, lowering, and stacking.

The fully automatic Palletizing System has a simple structure and is easy to maintain and maintain; the fully automatic Palletizing System can save a lot of space for the factory and operate the authority control on the control cabinet screen. It can work 24 hours a day, saving hundreds of thousands of human resource costs for enterprises every year!



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