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The working principle of POFI repeated positioning fixture system

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With the changes in the industrial age, traditional processing methods can no longer meet the precision requirements and efficiency of production. Since the emergence of EROWA, it has shocked the manufacturing industry that there is such an efficient processing method.

Compared with the traditional processing method, the efficiency of erowa fixture has increased by about 40%. So what are the advantages of the repeated positioning fixture system? Let POFI fixture manufacturing company answer for you:

1. Precision: The static tolerance repeatability of the EROWA fixture is ±0.002mm.

2. Clamping correction speed: When EDM, CNC, EDW are in the process of processing, only need to find the center once, in the back of the workpiece does not need to hit the table, touch the number and the center rod. And the workpiece can be clamped outside the machine, reducing the downtime to ten seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of the machine.

3. Reduce human error: The EROWA fixture system adopts the concept of automation and standardization, and integrates all the machine tools with standard interfaces. The accuracy of the workpiece is guaranteed by the fixture, reducing human errors, making processing more efficient and quality guaranteed.

4. Reduce machine tool investment: Due to reducing the preset and clamping time, effectively increasing the effective utilization rate of the machine tool, the number of customers in the machine is also relatively reduced, and it does not affect the planned production efficiency and reduce the cost.

5. Fewer operators: The EROWA fixture system can process multiple parts at one time, increasing the single processing time of the machine tool, so that the operator can control multiple machine tools at one time, so that human resources are more reasonably allocated.

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