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The role of jig and commonly used types are introduced

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The role of jig and commonly used types are introduced

The field of CNC machine tool processing is no stranger to fixtures. The processing of CNC machine tools requires the assistance of fixtures to stabilize and ensure the accuracy of the processed parts to improve production efficiency. There are many types of fixtures, and different fixtures are used to process different workpieces. The following Pofi jig manufacturers will introduce the specific functions of fixtures and the types of common fixtures.

What are the functions of the fixture

1. The machining accuracy of the workpiece can be ensured stably. When the workpiece is clamped by the fixture, the position accuracy of the workpiece relative to the tool and the machine tool is guaranteed by the fixture, which is not affected by the skill level of the workers, so that the machining accuracy of a batch of workpieces tends to be consistent.

2. It can reduce auxiliary working hours and improve labor productivity. The workpiece can be clamped with clamps, and the workpiece can be quickly positioned and clamped without alignment. Significantly reduced auxiliary man-hours. Clamping the workpiece with a fixture improves the rigidity of the workpiece, so the cutting amount can be increased. Multi-piece, multi-station clamps can be used to clamp the workpiece, and the efficient clamping mechanism is adopted. These factors are conducive to improving labor productivity.

3. It can expand the scope of use of the machine tool and realize multiple functions in one machine. The use of special fixtures can change the purpose of the original machine tool and expand the scope of use of the machine tool to realize multiple functions in one machine. For example, after installing the boring mold fixture on the lathe or radial drilling machine, the hole system of the object box can be boring, and the lathe can also be used as a broaching machine through a special fixture, so as to give full play to the role of a general-purpose machine tool.

4. Reduce the labor intensity of workers. It is convenient and fast to clamp the workpiece with clamps. When pneumatic, hydraulic and other clamping devices are used, the labor intensity of workers can be reduced.

Introduction of common fixture types

1. The modular fixture is suitable for milling small and medium-sized workpieces in small batch production or development on the CNC porthole.

2. The special milling fixture is a fixture specially designed and manufactured for a certain item or several similar workpieces. Generally, it can not be used as much as possible during mass production or development.

3. The multi-station fixture can clamp multiple workpieces at the same time, which can reduce the number of tool changes and facilitate one-sided processing. Loading and unloading the workpiece on one side helps to shorten the preparation time. Improve productivity, which is more suitable for mass production.

4. Pneumatic or hydraulic clamps are suitable for large production batches, and the use of other clamps is particularly time-consuming and laborious. It can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency, but the structure of this type of fixture is more complicated. The cost is often relatively high, and the manufacturing cycle is relatively long.

5. Vacuum fixtures are suitable for workpieces with larger positioning planes or larger sealable areas. Some CNC milling machines have their own universal vacuum platform. When installing the workpiece, for the regular-shaped superstar blanks, you can directly use a special rubber strip with a hollow or solid circular section with a certain size requirement, and insert it into the sealing groove of the fixture. Then put the blank on and turn on the vacuum pump to clamp the blank.



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