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The benefits of precision fixture systems

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Precision fixture is a kind of auxiliary tool in the machining industry, which plays a role in positioning, limiting and fastening parts when machining parts.

Pofi is a professional precision fixture systems manufacturer with many years of manufacturing experience, providing high-quality products and competitive prices. Today, I will introduce to you what kind of benefits precision fixtures can bring to the enterprise:

1. Speed: It can effectively reduce the speed adjustment time. When EDM, CNC, EDW are in the process of processing, the clamping time is about 10 seconds, only one of them is needed, and the subsequent workpieces do not need to be metered, touched and counted. Scored.

2. Accuracy, the repeatability of static tolerance is between 0.002.

3. Reduce machine tool investment. Because the pre-adjustment time is reduced, the customer's investment and the amount are relatively reduced, and it does not affect the planned production efficiency and reduce the investment cost.

4. Reduce personnel investment, and the allocation of human resources will be more reasonable when the preset time is reduced.

5. Reduce personnel errors. The positioning precision fixture system adopts the concept of automation and standardization to reduce human errors and effectively improve productivity and product quality.

6. Less machine tool utilization rate. After CNC machining is completed, it can be disassembled. It does not require the number of cards on the machine tool and can continue to process other workpieces. It is very convenient if reworked and re-clamped, which effectively improves the utilization rate of the machine tool. .

7. The maintenance is convenient and safe. When the mold needs to be repaired or reworked, it can be processed by re-fixing, and the copper work seat is directional, which will not cause a wrong direction.

8. When the positioning fixture system is adopted, the confidence of customers is greatly increased when visiting, which provides great competitiveness in the market competition.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will answer for you, common progress.

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