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Maintenance method of hydraulic chuck

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hydraulic chucks

Everyone knows where hydraulic chucks are used. Hydraulic chucks are widely used in CNC machine tools. The hydraulic chuck can be divided into two structures, one is the back-pull hydraulic chuck, the other is the built-in hydraulic chuck, which is the integration of the chuck and the rotary cylinder. This kind of installation is relatively simple and convenient, and the price is relatively economical. Affordable.

Incorrect or inappropriate lubrication will cause some problems such as: abnormal function at low pressure, weakened clamping force, poor clamping accuracy.

Maintenance method of hydraulic chuck:

The hydraulic chuck is abnormally worn and stuck, so the chuck must be lubricated correctly. Use chuck lubricating oil, and be sure to clean the chuck body and slideway surface with an air gun or similar tool at the end of the operation. Using cutting oil with anti-rust effect can prevent rust inside the chuck. In case rust will reduce the clamping force, special attention must be paid.

The hydraulic chuck must be removed for a thorough cleaning every six months, but if the cast iron is cut, it must be cleaned at least once or more every two months.

Check the parts of the hydraulic chuck for cracks and wear. If it is serious, replace with new ones immediately. After the inspection is completed, it must be fully oiled before the assembly can be assembled.

Advantages of hydraulic chuck:

1. The work efficiency has been improved, and the labor intensity of workers has been greatly reduced.

2. The safety performance is good. After installation, the parts will be verbose automatically, and the workpiece will not fall down even in the event of an emergency power failure.

3. The hydraulic chuck has a hollow and full through hole, which is more convenient for long material processing and installation of the feeder.

4. The built-in hydraulic chuck is easy to install, only a hydraulic station is needed, no other equipment is needed, and the production cost is saved.

5. The clamping force of the equipment can be adjusted at will, which can meet the requirements of most products.



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