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How to using of EROWA fixture

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Fixture manufacturers share for you,How to using of EROWA fixture.

Erowa pneumatic chuck

   【Terms of Use】

   1. Before clamping the product, the surface of the chuck should be kept clean without residue or other debris;

   2. After the product is clamped by the chuck, disconnect the air pressure to check whether the product is clamped in place;

   3. After processing the product, the air must cut off pressure to clean the residue to prevent the residue from splashing into the chuck, which will shorten the service life of the chuck.


   Only when the air pressure is above 6kg can the chuck be fully opened.

   Erowa manual chuck

   【Terms of Use】

   1. Before clamping the product, the surface of the chuck should be kept clean and free of residual residues.

   2. After the product is clamped by the chuck, check whether the pull rod is pulled in place.

   3. After the product is processed, the chuck is locked during the process of cleaning the residue to prevent the residue from splashing into the chuck, which will shorten the service life of the chuck.


   Use the stainless steel handle lever to control the locking of the turntable position, do not use too much force. Lock it.

   Erowa chuck

   【Terms of Use】

   1. Before use, check whether the parallelism of the four hexagonal nails is within the tolerance range.

   2. Must clamp the chuck within the allowable range according to the material specification.

   3. When using the side screw to lock the electrode, it cannot block violently and, luckily, adequately with even force.


   1. The operator should regularly check whether the hexagonal nails of the chuck base are damaged and replace them in time if the damage is severe and cannot meet the standard.

   2. Ensure that the chuck is in good condition and clean before clamping to ensure that there is no residue.

   3. The chuck should be stored on the bracket when it is not in use or after use to prevent wear.

BEP-3500902 Adapter for System 3R to Erowa-2-600

   Erowa zero reference base

   【Terms of Use】

   1. It is used to detect the aperture between straight lines and planes, and Φ12 is used to measure the centroid concentricity.

   2. The side T-slot avoidance position is used for automatic fast clamping of automatic manipulators.


   1. The reference base is a piece of testing equipment to ensure that it is dry, free of debris or dust, and the ambient temperature should be in the range of 5~40℃.

   2. Calibrate and adjust the test fixture before use.

   3. After the test fixture is used, carefully dry it with clean gauze, apply anti-rust oil, put it in a special box, and keep it properly.

   Erowa centering test stick

   【Terms of Use】

   1. Clamp it on the machine head, use a metal bar to connect the workpiece and the tungsten steel ball to check whether it is normal, and it will make a sound when it is correct.

   2. Select the appropriate end face to ensure the accuracy of the detection and centering during detection or centering.


   1. The operator should be familiar with the instructions for using this inspection tool, use it in strict accordance with the operating specifications, pay attention to protecting the inspection tool from falling and touching, and do not place it near moisture and corrosive gases.

   2. Do not adhere to foreign objects or fine dust when centering or detecting the touch end face.

   3. In testing, it is strictly forbidden to discharge the center rod directly to the end face of the product. The operator should wear high voltage, and insulating gloves should not be in direct contact with the probe and the object to be detected to prevent electric anesthesia.

   4. After the inspection tool is used, it should place in a special box for safekeeping.

   Erowa video detector

   【Function keys】

   AG: The angle of the crosshair can be adjusted. Press the left button to rotate the crosshair counterclockwise, and press the right button to rotate it clockwise. Press and hold to quickly rotate, and a single button can adjust the angle by 5 minutes.

   CN: Adjust the gray value of the graphic, that is, adjust the sensitivity of automatic edge finding according to the graphic limit of the current cross line center point. When the difference in brightness of the edge image is more significant, the value of CN needs to be adjusted larger and will generate a red edge line in the center at this time. The best case is to have the red line at the center edge and not appear elsewhere.

   AG OFF/ON: Turn on/off the automatic edge finding function.

   SE: For the edge line enhancement function, the edge enhancement function is added every time you press the right button.



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