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How to realize the clamping scheme of the body sheet metal fixture

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The body part of the car is composed of more than 3,000 sheet metal layout parts and more than 500 interior and exterior trim parts. In addition, the welding and assembly of the car body are highly automated and complicated in shape, which requires extremely high precision of parts. Therefore, inspection tools and fixtures have become indispensable inspection tools and tooling for auto parts, assemblies, main molds, and welding lines. In the stamping, welding, and matching stages of body sheet metal parts, high-quality measuring brackets are crucial for the inspection of body parts.

With the continuous acceleration of new model updates and the rise of new energy vehicles, there is a significant demand for automotive measurement brackets, and the market potential is enormous.

Application range of body bracket:

· Complete vehicle

· Vehicle body

· Sub-assembly: four doors and two covers, etc.

· Stamping automotive sheet metal parts or sheet metal welding small assemblies

· Interior integrated parts that cooperate with the body, etc.

· Car covers: car covers with A-level surface precision produced in developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan, such as hood panels, roof covers, left and right side panels, front and rear doors, front, rear, left, Right fender, trunk cover, engine front support plate, engine front apron, cowl top, rear cowl, rear cowl top, front apron, front frame, front fender, wheel mudguard Panel, rear fender, rear panel, luggage compartment cover, rear panel upper cover, top cover, cowl side panel, cowl panel, upper cowl cover, front fender, engine hood.

8 in 1 Optimized Pneumatic Chuck D100 Specification

To meet the needs of the industry, we can provide a full range of products for body bracket needs, mainly including five categories:

1. Customized profile bracket (without holes)

• High-strength aluminum alloy profiles, self-molded and drawn, with high strength and stability;

• Serialization and standardization of common clamping mechanisms.

• Can apply custom-developed brackets to most body parts.

2. High-precision custom profile bracket (with holes)

• High-strength aluminum alloy profiles, self-molded and drawn, with high strength and stability;

• The periphery and reference holes are all finished to ensure high precision. Customers can disassemble and assemble at will.

• Serialization and standardization of common clamping mechanisms.

•  Can apply Custom-developed brackets to most body parts.

3. Air flotation sandwich board

• High-precision and high-strength imported sheet processing, double-sided matrix holes;

• Can be floated and moved with humanized air float control system, easy to operate;

• Applicable to workpieces such as sidewalls and doors that must measure.

4. Matrix orifice plate + column bracket

• High-precision matrix orifice plate, imported plate;

• High-precision column support, which can be dismantled and replaced at any time, combined with the matrix orifice plate to form different body supports, suitable for different products;

• Mainly used for body-in-white, underbody, and other parts.

5. FIVE columns + custom clamping head

• FIVE magnetic air-floating movable columns, different height series, can meet the needs of different workpieces;

• Customized clamping heads can meet the clamping requirements of different workpieces;

• High flexibility, suitable for frequent product replacement by vehicle R&D departments.



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