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How to maintain the EROWA Quick Chuck 50?

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How to maintain the EROWA Quick Chuck 50?

EROWA Quick Chuck 50 is an important part of machine tools and other equipment, usually have to pay more attention to the maintenance and maintenance, especially to increase the maintenance of special environment of special products or packaging frequency.

1, after the completion of the work must use air gun and other tools for fast and clean the surface of the chuck body slide, which can guarantee the long time after using the fast lathe chuck has good precision, so regular lubrication is important for quick chuck.

2, every day at least once MoS2 grease (black), the oil into the oil nozzle until the oil overflow quick chuck jaw face or quick chuck hole (hole protective sleeve connected with the screw cap).

3, in order to prevent the rapid internal chuck rust, the blessing is reduced, unable to clamp the workpiece, so it is best to use cutting oil with anti rust effect, the use of cutting oil can prevent internal rust fast chuck.

4, when work is complete, The air gun or similar tool to clean and fast chuck body slide surface must be.

5, quick chuck at least every 6 months to remove the cleaning, keep clean and give the jaw sliding surface lubrication, the rapid growth of chuck life.

6, check the parts with no breakdown and wear of the situation, cutting cast iron at least once every 2 months to completely clean, such as the case of serious damage to the parts should be replaced immediately.

7, according to different workpiece clamping methods must be different, if you use it to clamp the irregular workpiece will cause rapid damage to chuck.




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