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Wire-cutting fixture:How to select the right one

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Wire cutting fixtures can also be called wire cutting workpiece clamps or wire cutting tooling, an essential part of wire cutting machine tools. The wire cutting fixture mainly plays the role of fixing the processing object in the online cutting process to be fixed in the correct processing position and placement position. If the wire cutting fixture is incorrectly selected and used irregularly, it is likely to cause the workpiece to be damaged. Scrap, so how to choose the correct wire cutting fixture is very important.

The wire-cutting fixture has no fixed shape. As long as it is a device that can be used to install the workpiece conveniently, quickly, and safely, it can be called a fixture.

Wire cutting fixture types:

Commonly used wire cutting clamps have all-around matching clamps, special milling clamps, multi-station clamps, pneumatic or hydraulic clamps, and vacuum clamps. The fixtures for general wire cutting manufacturers are gaskets, screws (fastening screws), and pressure plates that can meet most of the processing. Or use a strong magnet to attract the workpiece for wire cutting.

There is no fixed form for the design of tooling and fixtures. You can let the wire cutting manufacturer find a particular design company to provide tooling and fixture solutions. The dedicated tooling and fixture can significantly improve the processing efficiency of the workpiece and save installation time.

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