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EROWA Quick Chuck 100P

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POFI  is an EDM tooling manufacturer,provide EROWA Quick Chuck 100P and EROWA Quick Chuck 50, EROWA ITS Chuck 50,we have competitive price and good service,we build in 1995,have more than 20 years experience in this industry,We are a professional manufacturer, self-produced and self-sold, reliable quality, to create the industry's most cost-effective precision fixture,expect to cooperative with you.next,let us introduce something about EROWA Quick Chuck 100P to you.

EROWA Quick Chuck 100P is reasonably priced, functional, and practical. The face lock screw can reach 57-60HRC after vacuum heat treatment. Pneumatic locking, using a pressure of 6 kg, and with blowing cleaning function, suitable for CNC machine processing. The product specification of this EROWA Quick Chuck 100 P with Base Plate is 145*100*72.5mm. The main body is made of Japanese high-quality chromium steel, 57-60hrc, and the locking force is 10000 Newtons. The main body surface is the latest super nano-coating, and the surface is light gold. Yellow, rust-proof, and beautiful; and it is equipped with genuine Airtac pneumatic components, NSK accessories, aerospace-grade lubricants, German Haas high springs, and imported Italian sealing ring series.

EROWA Quick Chuck 100P

EROWA Quick Chuck 100P product features:

X-point positioning precision fixture system

It can quickly achieve precise positioning and can be used in perfect coordination with EROWA fixtures. Scientifically use its accuracy and mechanical equipment to greatly reduce the human error caused by repeated correction of electrodes, and to better play the potential of positioning precision fixtures.

EROWA Quick Chuck 100P product introduction:

1. The repeatability of static tolerance is between 0.002mm;

2. The internal company is equipped with Japanese NSK steel balls, with 6/4 steel balls, 6/4 steel ball grooves, and stainless steel turntables, which are high-strength and wear-resistant;

3. Effectively reduce the presetting time. During the processing of EDM, CMC, EDW, the clamping time is 10 seconds, and only need to find the center once, and the following parts do not need to be metered, touched and centered;

4. It can save the repetitive calibration work during processing, is suitable for the processing of diversified and special workpieces, and realizes arbitrary pre-adjustment and detection outside the machine;

5. The repeatability is between 0.002mm, and the clamping time can be introduced by 90%. It is an exclusive fixture system for efficient and fast manufacturing.

6. Our products are self-produced and self-sold, which are fully compatible with EROWA, System 3R and other system fixtures, universally interchangeable, and the cost performance is much higher than that of peers

EROWA Quick Chuck 100P

In terms of selection of materials and accessories: our products adopt internationally renowned brands, such as SMC, HASCO, and Japanese high-quality steel, accessories, etc., and strive to make the products more stable, compatible with EROWA, System 3R, and other system fixtures; 

we pay more attention to comprehensiveness After-sales service, such as on-site installation, commissioning and training. Because each company has a different actual situation and cultural background, we will make work guidelines and regular maintenance and maintenance according to the actual situation to ensure that customers can truly improve cost-effectiveness after using our products. Regarding quality: We never dare to be sloppy about quality.

We deeply understand the scientific principle of "Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise". We are willing to accept criticisms. The precious opinions of customers are our greatest wealth. X-Point positioning fixture is suitable for rapid positioning between milling machines, grinders, lathes, machining centers, electric discharge machines, wire cutting, or external pre-calibration machines. It can be used with EROWA, System 3R, and other systems.

EROWA Quick Chuck 100P


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