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EROWA Precision Positioning Fixture System -POFI Fixture

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After investing in high-tech and expensive machine tools, most of the bottlenecks in use are: due to improper use of accessories and incorrect concepts, the time spent on workpiece setting (alignment) is longer than the actual machining time of the machine tool. To be long, and human error will also damage the final accuracy of the workpiece.

We know that: a machine tool can only create benefits during actual electrical discharge machining, and a machine tool waiting to be processed means increased costs or a waste of resources. In order to save valuable time, how to make the workpiece fast and accurate clamping and positioning on the machine tool, EROWA precision positioning fixture system-Teli fixture provides you with an overall solution.

Dongguan Teli Precision FixtureCo., Ltd. has a team with rich manufacturing experience and strong design ability. It has continuously developed special fixtures urgently needed by the market, and is perfectly compatible with the Swiss Eowa fixture system. The product quality has reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad, filling the gap in the domestic market. Our products have stable quality, sufficient inventory, and timely after-sales service, which have won unanimous praise from users and friends.

At the same time, Tellus Precision Fixtures sincerely thank the new and old users and all sectors of society for their strong support. Yesterday’s brilliant achievements urged the company to continue to speed up. The company will continue to move forward, step by step, and continue and adhere to the business philosophy of Tellus Fixture-honest management. , High quality and excellent service. Our company specializes in wholesale various types of precision chucks, please consult for details!

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