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What are the advantages of using EROWA EDM holder?

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EROWA EDM holder is a device used to fasten the workpiece quickly during processing, so that the machine tool, tool, and workpiece can maintain the correct relative position. It is an indispensable part in mechanical processing. Driven by the development of machine tool technology in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, precision, intelligence and environmental protection, fixture technology is developing in the direction of high efficiency, combination, generalization and economy.

Benefits of using EROWA EDM holder:

Repeatability: The precise and universal tool system enables production to achieve standardization. Workpieces made in the past can be processed repeatedly by other operators at any time without error. Check and measure the workpiece, and if necessary, re-process the reference position before clamping it to the working system.

Flexibility: Flexibility is difficult to express with numbers. But today, being able to adapt to changing needs is critical. Shorten processing time, even when processing small series or disposable products. This will increase your flexibility in planning and production.

Production capacity: Automation converts unattended nights and weekends into actual processing time. 24 hours a day. The flexible manufacturing concept of EROWA enables you to use one machine tool, based on one shift of manual operation, its processing time can reach 16 hours per day.

Quality: Due to the orderly work steps and technical support, the source of error will be gradually eliminated. Production quality and product quality will be greatly improved.

Return on investment: Only a small amount of cost is required, and the increased production capacity can ensure the return on investment in the short term.

EROWA EDM holder

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