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EDM fixture manufacturers' epidemic prevention and control work

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EDM fixture manufacturers

EDM fixture manufacturers' epidemic prevention and control work

In the view of EDM fixture manufacturers, since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, we have been united and united in the country, and have won a great victory against the "epidemic"! But the virus has never disappeared, and the epidemic has often appeared. Especially since the beginning of winter, imported cases of new coronary pneumonia and local cases have appeared in many places. At the same time, influenza and virus infections have frequently appeared in winter, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control remains severe.

In order to deal with the epidemic as normal, EDM fixture manufacturers have integrated the following attention issues:

1. In terms of attitude, do not panic or relax, maintain a calm and cheerful attitude; continue to learn scientific knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, do a good job of personal routine protection, and make protection methods a good habit as usual.

2. EDM fixture manufacturers remind not to contact personnel in areas at risk of the epidemic, especially those in areas with medium and high risks. Don't go to medium-to-high-risk areas. If you are in contact with people in epidemic-risk areas, or if you really need to go to medium- and high-risk areas, please truthfully report the situation to the EDM fixture manufacturer.

3. Maintain good home and personal hygiene, carry masks with you at ordinary times, and use them in a standard manner; use tissues or bend your elbows to cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing to avoid the spread of droplets; wash your hands frequently and often ventilate; clean up in time to be tidy Orderly. At the same time, keep warm in winter and outdoor exercises to enhance physical fitness and reduce the risk of infection.

4. Maintain public environmental sanitation. Resolutely put an end to uncivilized bad habits, do not spit anywhere, and do not litter. Keep a communication distance of more than one meter with others in public places, and in particular, prevent close contact with people with respiratory conditions.

5. Because emergencies will break our normal order, the family should make sure of the material reserves.

6. Maintain safe eating habits, do not buy or eat wild animals and food that has not been inspected and quarantined; buy cold chain foods in regular supermarkets or markets, and prevent direct contact with hands as much as possible; when handling and storing food, always follow raw and cooked foods The principle of separation; wash your hands promptly after touching fresh ingredients, and do not touch your eyes, mouth and nose without washing your hands; meat, eggs, and seafood must be cooked thoroughly.

7. In case of fever, cough, weakness, etc., please use disposable medical masks or above, and go to the nearest medical institution fever clinic for inspection and treatment in time. Avoid public transportation as much as possible during the consultation process. According to the EDM fixture enterprise Implementation of reporting requirements.

Pofi EDM fixture manufacturers feel that in the face of the new crown virus, everyone is a line of defense; everyone’s carelessness may have an impact on the family and the society; doing your own prevention and control work is both responsible for yourself and the company. It also contributes to the prevention and control of the epidemic in the whole society.



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