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Comparison between POFI and EROWA positioning fixtures

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Comparison between POFI and EROWA positioning fixtures

POFI precision fixture chuck has the same functions as Erowa, but the price is less than half of Erowa. High cost performance is the most significant advantage of POFI. At the same time, domestic factories directly produce and ship products, and have cooperation with major logistics companies, and the delivery speed is fast to ensure that they are delivered to customers within the specified time.

Why is the life of the chuck of POFI precision fixture comparable to that of EROWA?

POFI precision fixture chuck is made of imported high-quality chromium steel or stainless steel material, and is quenched and tempered by vacuum heat treatment, so that the hardness reaches 60HRC. After quenching and tempering, the chuck needs to be treated with super nano coating to prevent corrosion and rust of the chuck, so POFI The precision chuck life is comparable to EROWA.

How long is the service life of POFI precision fixtures ?

The Pofi precision fixture has a service life of 2 to 3 years, and can be used normally for 30,000 times. If it is worn out, replace the positioning piece. If it is not caused by man-made damage, POFI provides a one-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service within one year after the product is sold. In order to make the service life of the fixture longer, the user should maintain the fixture regularly.

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