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Maximize your production with the best EDM tools

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The goal is to provide you with complete EDM tool compatible parts to help you unlock the full potential of your machine. At Rapid Holding Systems, custom and assembled EDM, WEDM and CNC tools. We offer EROWA compatible products to help you increase your competitiveness. Our online Erowa compatible product family on Rapid Holding Systems makes it easy to find the product that best fits your EDM manufacturing needs.

EROWA's clamping systems are world-renowned. Find a Rapid Holding System expert in manufacturing automation. Think of a profitable solution for your production. Our power lies in making the manufacturing process simpler than earlier manufacturing processes. With the rapid development of industrialization, the demand for several tools and machinery prompted merchants to modify their machinery. We follow flexible manufacturing concepts to automate small batches and individual parts.

Tooling systems for EDM and milling

Accelerate your manufacturing process faster with our Erowa-compatible toolset. The EROWA system they provide benefits mechanical and mold innovation. Browse on Rapid Holding Systems to see pallets compatible with Eroa MTS. Erowa-compatible power suction cups, Erowa-compatible sockets and centering sensors or probes, Erowa-compatible clamping systems, Erowa UPC-compatible chucks.

Improve Your EDM and Wire EDM Department

Rapid Holding Systems is one of the leading distributors of Eroa ITS compatible tools. This tool handles highly accurate and reliable Eroa equivalent parts. We provide you with simple to complex EDM and Wire EDM solutions according to your needs.

Time-saving production

Fast and accurate mold manufacturing and light chip resetting: Save time and money by using Rapid's Erowa compatible EDM mold system. We are one of the well-known companies that offer the best products at affordable prices. We specialize in designing and customizing equivalent Erowa tools that are easy to install and operate. Precision Tool System provides you with Precision tools. Thanks to its precise assembly, it gives you precise tool cutting, which takes much less time, which cannot be achieved manually.


Three-thirds of the development effort helps improve accuracy with less effort. Maximum accuracy may increase from the original 0.001 inches to about 0.00005 inches for today's Erowa equivalent tools. The most important innovation is an increasingly reliable and efficient system.

Variety of products

At Rapid Holding Systems, you will find a wide range of EROWA products, including chucks, holders, towbars, center trays.



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