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Basic knowledge of quick positioning fixture design

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Pofi focused our research on EDM clamping system tools. We design tools to suit more working conditions and compatible with other famous band, like EROWA and System 3R.

The fixture must meet the following basic requirements:

1. To ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece, firstly select the positioning reference, positioning method and positioning components correctly, and perform positioning error analysis if necessary. At the same time, pay attention to the influence of the structure of other parts in the fixture on the processing accuracy to ensure that the fixture can Meet the machining accuracy requirements of the workpiece;

2. The complexity of the special fixture to improve the production efficiency is compatible with the production capacity. Various quick installation mechanisms should be used as much as possible to ensure easy operation and shorten the auxiliary time, thereby improving production efficiency.

3.Special fixtures with good process performance have simple and reasonable structural force requirements, and are easy to manufacture, assemble, adjust, inspect, and maintain.

4. The use of fixtures with good performance requires sufficient strength and rigidity, simple operation, safety, labor saving, and reliability. As long as objective conditions permit and are economical and applicable, mechanical clamping devices such as pneumatic and hydraulic should be used as much as possible to reduce the labor intensity of operators.

The machining tooling also requires convenient chip removal. When necessary, a chip conveyor can be installed to prevent the chip conveyor from damaging the positioning of the workpiece, causing damage to the tool, and preventing chip accumulation, which will bring a lot of heat and cause the processing system to deform.

5. Economical special fixtures should use standard parts and standard parts structure as much as possible, and strive to be simple in structure and easy to manufacture, so as to reduce the manufacturing cost of fixtures. During the design, the necessary technical analysis of the fixture plan should be carried out according to the order and production capacity. Improve the economic benefits of fixtures in production.

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