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Attention to detail for install EROWA ITS Holders

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EROWA ITS Holders are suitable for use in many machines. The combination of EROWA ITS Holders and electrode heads can effectively reduce machine downtime, increase processing speed, increase the utilization rate of existing machines, and reduce tooling clamping time and shorten mold delivery , Can increase product precision for flexible and planned production, and increase the rate of high-quality products.

But we should pay attention to the following details when we install EROWA ITS Holders:

▲The installation, configuration and preparation of EROWA fixtures are all related to the accuracy of processing and processing efficiency. Generally, there are clear marks in the operation manual of the spark machine. The installation, configuration and preparation of the spark machine fixture are all accurate. instruction of.


▲When installing and making the fixture of the spark machine workpiece, the tightening bolt of the workpiece and other protrusions, it should be as close as possible to the head containing the electrode, and install it in a position where no contact will cause abnormal discharge. At the same time, pay attention to the discharge The inter-electrode cable should not be in contact with the electrode, and should not interfere with the workpiece or fixture. This requires the wiring personnel to control the wire position so as not to cause unnecessary troubles to the subsequent processes.

▲Correctly and firmly install the workpiece and the EROWA fixture, and tighten the electrode chuck to prevent the electrode chuck from loosening, affecting the quality of processing, and any part of the screw must be tightened, not loosened, so as to prevent the machine from being slightly The vibration causes the screws to be shaken loose, which affects the accuracy of processing.

▲Before pressing the confirm button, make sure that hands and tools cannot be clamped between the head and the workpiece to avoid personal safety hazards or damage to the machine tool. In addition, avoid heavy objects impacting the machine tool and causing unnecessary machine tool damage. 

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