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7 step of the wire-cutting

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1.Reasonable selection of work-piece material

To reduce the deformation of the work-piece caused by wire cutting, materials with good forging performance, good permeability, and small heat treatment deformation should be selected. The work-piece material should be heat-treated according to the technical requirements.

2.Processing of threading holes

To process closed holes and some punches, that is necessary to process wire holes before wire cutting. The position of the threading hole should be consistent with the processing starting point specified during programming.

6_wire cut lathe machine precise dovetail collet U15

3. Select the type of electrode wire

Generally, molybdenum wire with a diameter of 0.18 mm is used as the electrode wire for medium-travel wire cutting; the electrode wire for slow-travel wire cutting generally adopts brass wire and galvanizes wire, etc. The diameter of the electrode wire can be adjusted according to the processing accuracy requirements. Choose, try to choose an electrode wire with a diameter of not less than 0.2mm to obtain a higher cutting speed and reduce the risk of wire breakage during processing.

4. Clamping and calibration of a work-piece

According to the processing shape and size of the work-piece, determine the position of clamping the work-piece and select the appropriate clamping method. For example, the clamping methods of plate parts, rotating body parts, and block parts are different. Custom-designed clamps can be used to clamp the work-piece. After the work-piece is clamped, it needs to be corrected. Generally, it is to check the vertical and flatness of the work-piece clamping and to correct the axial parallelism of the work-piece datum plane and the machine tool.

5.Threading and calibrating

Correctly wrap the electrode wire around each part of the wire feeding mechanism so that the electrode wire has a certain tension. Select the appropriate method to correct the vertical of the electrode wire, such as using the aligner to calibrate the wire, the spark to calibrate the wire, etc.

6. Positioning of the electrode wire

Before the wire cutting process, the electrode wire should be accurately positioned to the starting coordinate position of the cutting. The adjustment methods include visual inspection, spark, automatic alignment, etc. The current CNC wire cutting machine tools all have the function of contact perception, and they all have functions such as automatic edge finding and automatic center finding. They have high alignment accuracy and are very convenient for electrode wire positioning.

7.wire cutting machining programming and program

The correctness of the wire cutting machining programming and program affects the machining shape and machining accuracy. In actual production, the automatic programming method is mainly used.

Check and verify the correctness of the CNC program after the programming is completed and before the formal cutting process.

There are two methods for program verification provided by the CNC system of the wire EDM machine:

1. Drawing inspection method: mainly used to verify whether there is any wrong syntax in the program and whether it conforms to the drawing outline;

2. Empty stroke inspection method: It can check the actual processing situation of the program, check whether there is collision or interference in the processing and whether the machine tool stroke meets the processing requirements, etc., and comprehensively verify the program and processing path by simulating the dynamic processing actual situation.

For some dies with high dimensional accuracy requirements and a small matching gap between convex and concave dies, trial cutting can be made with thin sheet materials to check the dimensional accuracy and matching gap. Adjust the program and process it only after passing the test during the testing process.



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