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wire EDM Fixtures are classified according to source of power

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The wire EDM fixture plays a very important role in mechanical processing. It can ensure the processing accuracy and make the processing accuracy stable. It can quickly break the auxiliary time, improve labor productivity, expand the process range of the machine tool, change the use of the machine tool, and reduce the workforce. Technical requirements and reduce the labor intensity of workers, so wire EDM fixtures are very important in mechanical processing, then according to the power source can be divided into several categories, let me introduce to you.

According to the power source, it can be divided into two categories, manual fixtures and pneumatic fixtures:

Manual fixture

This type of fixture uses the force of the operator's hips as a power source to clamp the workpiece through the clamping mechanism. In order to minimize the operation intensity of workers and ensure the reliability of clamping workpieces, the clamping mechanism of such fixtures must have a force-increasing and self-locking effect. The manual clamp generally adopts a spiral or eccentric pressure plate mechanism with a simple structure, which is convenient to manufacture, but the working efficiency is low when used.

Pneumatic fixture

This type of clamp uses compressed air as the power source, and generates clamping force for clamping the workpiece through components such as pipes, air valves, and cylinders.When a larger clamping force is required, it is often added between the cylinder and the clamping element Inclined wedge type, hinge type or lever type power expander. Pneumatic fixtures are widely used in mechanical processing because of their rapid tightening action, stable clamping force, and easy operation.

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