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What are the advantages of PC Pallet 210 ER-041694 ?

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The raw material of ProductionChuck 210 Pallet is generally low-pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is molded in one shot. The material cost of its staff is lower than that of blow-molded pallets, and it is widely used in China. Injection molding is suitable for forming pallets with complex shapes and high rigidity requirements, and for forming large batches of PC Pallet 210 ER-041694

The advantages of PC Pallet 210 ER-041694 are as follows:

 1. Light weight

Compared with other pallets with the same load-bearing capacity, injection pallets have lighter weight. In this way, the operation process is very light and simple. A single pallet can be turned over by manpower, and the load-bearing requirements for transportation equipment are also low.

2.Second, neat

In the production process of ProductionChuck 210 Pallet, except for special requirements such as one-time export, waste materials are used for production. Normally produced pallets are pure new materials, clean and tidy, and can be used in industries that require high hygiene and safety such as food and medicine.

3. Easy to sterilize

For many companies, easy cleaning of the tray is also a great advantage. In order to facilitate cleaning and sterilization, some companies also choose flat trays. Plastic injection trays can meet their needs, have good performance, and have certain corrosion resistance to many chemicals, moisture and mildew resistance, and easy sterilization.

4. save costs

The cost saving is because the PC Pallet 210 ER-041694 is not heavy, and the production raw materials are less than the blow-molded tray. In terms of technology, injection molding saves raw materials than blow molding. Its stability and quality are also guaranteed, and the replacement cost is not high.

5. Environmental protection

Save a lot of wood resources and use imported plastic raw materials. Waste pallets can be recycled, which is environmentally friendly.

6 design humanity

The design of the PC Pallet 210 ER-041694 is humanized, with anti-slip points, anti-slip lines, and anti-slip rubber according to different specifications of the pallet. The thickened fork of the pallet greatly improves the overall service life of the PC Pallet 210 ER-041694



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