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The advantages of white light knife

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       Material is the fundamental factor determining the cutting performance. It has great influence on machining efficiency, machining quality, processing cost and durability.Stainless steel is a material with high hardness and contains nickel. Usually, when cutting tools, they are either hard enough or easy to crack. The white light knife imported from Sweden contains 17% cobalt and the hardness is as high as 68 degrees.

       When carbon tool steel is used as material, the cutting speed is only about 10m/min. At the beginning of twentieth Century, high speed steel materials appeared, the cutting speed increased to dozens of meters per minute.

       Materials with excellent performance are the basic conditions for ensuring efficient work. The cutting parts should work in strong friction, high pressure and high temperature. They should have the following basic requirements.

       High hardness and high wear resistance:

       The hardness of the material must be higher than the hardness of the material to cut the metal. This is the basic requirement of the material. The hardness of the existing material is above 60HRC. The harder the material is, the better its wear resistance. But because of the complicated cutting conditions, the wear resistance of the material depends on its chemical composition and the stability of the metallographic structure.

       Sufficient strength and impact toughness:

       Strength refers to the resistance to cutting force and not to the performance of the blade breakage and the breaking of the cutter bar. Generally, it is represented by bending strength.

       The impact toughness is the ability to ensure that the material does not break the edge under discontinuous cutting or impact working conditions. Generally, the higher the hardness, the lower the impact toughness and the more brittle material. Hardness and toughness are a pair of contradictions, and also a key to be overcome by materials.

       High heat resistance:

       Heat resistance, also known as red hardness, is a major indicator of material performance. It comprehensively reflects the ability of materials to maintain hardness, wear resistance, strength, oxidation resistance, anti adhesion and anti diffusion at high temperature.



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