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Pneumatic chuck advantages and characteristics and installation instructions

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Pneumatic chuck

Pneumatic chuck advantages and characteristics and installation instructions

The operation of CNC mechanical equipment is inseparable from the pneumatic chuck, and the pneumatic chuck can ensure the accuracy of the lathe equipment. It has the advantages of simple structure, safety, and labor-saving installation. So how should the pneumatic chuck be installed? What are the advantages compared to ordinary chucks?

Advantages of pneumatic chucks

1. Compared with ordinary chucks, the work efficiency of pneumatic chucks will be improved a lot, for example, in terms of clamping. And the practical life span will be much longer.

2. The pneumatic chuck structure is very simple, without those complicated parts, so the installation is very convenient and labor-saving, and it is not easy to cause mistakes.

3. In terms of consumables and energy, this is the most dazzling advantage, which can be called no consumption. Moreover, there is no pollution in environmental protection, which is an extremely practical and superb advantage in a society where environmental pollution is increasing.

4. The safety factor is extremely high. In the machinery industry, everyone knows that safety is the most important item. Therefore, the pneumatic chuck has strict factory inspection, pressure test, and error test, all of which are zero danger. Therefore, the pneumatic chuck can be accepted and used by the majority of users in the field.

Installation instructions for pneumatic chucks

1. Take out the connecting sleeve, screw on the screw, and connect it to the tail of the main shaft. Use a dial indicator to correct the outer circle and end face of the connecting sleeve to within 0.05MM, and tighten the screw.

2. Take out the chuck, wipe it clean with a rag, and use a caliper to measure whether the flange size of the lathe is consistent with the connection size of the chuck. If it does not match, please finish machining the flange according to the size of the chuck.

3. Take out the spiral trachea, put the ornaments on the hoop, and install the trachea on the vent nozzle of the chuck. Then use a vise to clamp the hoop so that the trachea must not be damaged during installation.

4. Wrap the trachea with a capsule in sections to ensure smoothness, and then mark the trachea tail unit with No. 1 and No. 2. Then tie the air pipe through the main shaft of the lathe with a thin iron wire, so that the air pipe can pass through the main shaft smoothly, and the holding chuck is moved backward synchronously and lightly buckled on the flange.

5. Take out the screw, fix the chuck on the flange, and measure the outer circle runout ≦0.05.

6. Tighten the trachea, cut off the excess trachea at the tail, and reserve about 50-100mm in length outside the main shaft. And it can bounce back into the spindle naturally, and then try to blow the No. 1 and No. 2 trachea to observe whether the chuck moves smoothly.

7. Put on the hoop, connect the No. 1 and No. 2 air pipes to the No. 1 and No. 2 air nozzles on the pneumatic gyrator respectively, and then clamp the hoop.

8. Rotate the air pressure gyrator and the connecting sleeve thread, and then try to blow the No. 1 and No. 2 air holes. Observe whether the movement of the chuck is smooth to prevent the air pipe from being twisted at the pneumatic gyrator.

9. Fix the "anti-rotation screw" at the bottom of the pneumatic gyrator to prevent it from rotating with the spindle.

10. First fix the circuit board and switch on the lathe, near the air pressure gyrator, and then connect the air pipe correspondingly, and introduce the power supply 220V or 240V.

11. Fill up the oil reservoir on the oil-water separator, ventilate and adjust the pressure and oil output, power on the machine tool, operate the switch, and the chuck can move smoothly.



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