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wire EDM Fixtures are classified according to application scope

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Wire EDM fixtures are classified according to application scope:

Wire EDM fixture can be classified into four types according to the application scope.

(1) General fixture

General fixtures refer to some fixtures with a wide range of performance attached to general general machine tools, such as three-jaw and four-jaw chucks, thimble and chicken chucks on lathes and grinders, flat-nose pliers and splits on milling and planing machines Degree head and rotary table etc. It is still very versatile in use, and can often be used to clamp different workpieces without adjustment or slight adjustment (including replacement of individual parts). Such fixtures are generally standardized, and are produced by professional factories as machine tool accessories for users to use. General fixtures are mainly used for single-piece and medium and small batch production. The clamping shape is relatively simple and the machining accuracy requirements are not too high. In large batches and mass production, workpieces with complex shapes or high processing accuracy are often rarely used due to cumbersome operations and low clamping efficiency

(2) Special fixture

The special fixture refers to a fixture specially designed for a certain process of a certain kind of workpiece. Such fixtures generally do not consider versatility, in order to make the fixture design structure simple, compact, rapid operation and easy maintenance; special fixtures are usually designed and manufactured by the user factory according to the processing requirements of the workpiece, and the production preparation cycle is longer. When the production process of the product or part is changed, it is often unable to continue to use, so this type of fixture is only suitable for use in mass production of product fixing and stable process.

(3) Group fixture

In production, sometimes due to smaller processing batches. It is not economical to design special fixtures for each part separately, and the use of general fixtures often fails to meet the requirements of processing accuracy and productivity. Therefore, a group processing technique is adopted, and group fixtures are designed according to the typical representative parts in the group. When this type of fixture is used, it is only necessary to adjust or replace some positioning and clamping elements on the fixture, and it can be used for processing different workpieces in the group.

(4) Combined fixture

Combined fixture is a new fixture developed on the basis of fixture zero and component standardization, which is suitable for multiple varieties and small batch production. It is composed of a set of general components, fittings and components whose structure and dimensions have been standardized. They include: basic parts, support parts, positioning parts, guide parts, pressing parts, fasteners, auxiliary parts, joint parts and components. These general components, joints and components are produced and supplied by professional factories, and the user can quickly assemble the required fixtures according to the processing requirements of the workpiece to be processed. After the jig is used, the components,

wire edm fixtures

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