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The selection principle of cnc milling clamping

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The selection principle of cnc milling clamping

Basic principles of location and installation

When machining parts on CNC machine tools, the basic principles of positioning and installation are reasonable selection of positioning datum and clamping

scheme. The following points should be noted in the selection:

(1) strive to design, process and programming calculation of the benchmark unification.

(2) reduce the clamping times as far as possible, and try to process all the surface to be processed after positioning the clamping once.

(3) avoid using the manual adjustment processing scheme of the machine, in order to give full play to the efficiency of CNC machine tools.

Basic principles for selecting fixtures

The characteristics of CNC machining put forward two basic requirements for the fixture: one is to ensure that the fixture's coordinate direction and the 

machine tool's coordinate direction are relatively fixed; The second is to coordinate the size of the parts and machine tool coordinate system.

In addition, consider the following:

(1) when parts are processed in small batches, modular fixtures, adjustable fixtures and other general fixtures should be adopted as far as possible to 

shorten production preparation time and save production costs.

(2) in batch production only consider the use of special fixture, and strive for simple structure.

(3) the loading and unloading of parts should be fast, convenient and reliable, so as to shorten the stop time of the machine.

(4) the parts on the fixture should not hinder the machining of the parts on the surface of the machine, that is to say, the fixture should be open, and its 

positioning and clamping mechanism components should not affect the machining tool (such as collision).


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