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POFI Modular Tooling System(MTS)

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POFI Modular Tooling System(MTS)

MTS integral Chuck

POFI MTS is a versatile datum-point and flexible tooling sytem. Machine capacity is the only factor determining what workpiece size maximum would be.  No matter single palletization with MTS chuck or multiple palletization with several MTS chucks or base platets, it is possible for us to make any combination for you. 

ER-033302 MTS base plate-4

To meet your requirements, MTS base plate can comes with 1, 2 ,4 ,6, 8 or even more MTS chucks combination. It depends on the model. Every MTS base plate is a flexible and precise interface for single or multiple palletization.

MTS set

Due to palletization of workpieces and fixtures, they can quickly place on machine table without any further setting up. MTS palletizing system holds workpieces in position stably and precisely. People have more spare time to prepare further jobs. 


POFI MTS system is applied to automation production line very often. When workpieces are changed, air will comes out through the chucks so that contact surface of the chuck and chucking sipgot are cleaned automatically.  This feature can make the chucks keep clean and ensure a repeated positioning precision of MTS pallets.

air hole

MTS tooling system shapes in low profile. The low construction height leads the chuck not occupy much space in the machine, maximum leave space for workpiece. MTS chucks are fitted to the machine table or integrated in it. 



MTS tooling system can make use of existing equipment, such as vise, gauges, permanent magnetic chuck and fixtures etc. They can equipped with chucking spigots and palletized so that universally and perfectly integrated in MTS tooling system. 

MTS chucks with Permanent Magnetic Chuck-1

MTS chucks with Permanent Magnetic Chuck-2

The modular construction of the MTS clamping segments enables clamping components integrate in a unlimited combination. After countless tested, it proves versatile datum-point tooling system enable pallet carriers to be changed within seconds with repeatability <0.005mm.




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